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Annette Meyers, Annie Wood, Axel Kilgore, B.L. Morgan, Barbara Casey, Barbara D’Amato, Barry N. Malzberg, Bartle Bull, Beth Groundwater, Beth Kanell, Beverly Bird, Bill Brooks, Bill Pronzini, Bill Clem, Bob Anderson, Bob Judd, Bonnie MacDougal, Branka Cubrilo, Bret Jones, Brian Kelleher, C.C. Harrison, C. M. Wendelboe, Caro Ramsay, Catherine Dain, Charles (C.H.) Boyer, Charles Ryan, Charlotte MacLeod, Christine Andreae, Christopher Newman, Collin Wilcox, Cort Martin, Daisy Waugh, Dan Jorgensen, Darryl Ponicsán, David Daniel, David Dun, David R Topper, David W Ball, Dennis Danvers, Diane Glancy, Don Bendell, Donna Lagone, E.C. Ayres, Ed Gorman, Ellen Crosby, Eric Dean, F.M. Parker, Frank G Slaughter, Frankie Y Bailey, Fred Riley, Fritz Leiber, George T. Arnold, Gerald Hausman, Geraldine Harris, Greg Hunt, Ian Rankin, Ian Slater, J. Rodney Tafoya, J.R. Roberts, Jack Hillman, James D. Crownover, James Duermeyer, James Rouch, James Lovegrove, James V. Irving, Jasmine Cresswell, Jay Brandon, Jeanne Mackin, Jeannette Remak, Jerry Ahern, Jerry Kennealy, Jim Jones, Joe Bannister, Joe Moore, John Ball, John DeDakis, John Lutz, John McKinna, John D Nesbitt, John Tanner, Jonathan Aycliffe, Jonathan Terry, Jory Sherman, Joseph Ventolo Jr, Judy Alter, Justine Davis, Karen Hanson Stuyck, Kathleen Morris, Keith Taylor, Kenneth Abel, Kevin D. Randle, L Sydney Abel, Larry Maness, Linda Berry, Lori Herter, Luis Figueredo, Lyle Brandt, Lynn Sholes, Maan Meyers, Mack Maloney, MacKinlay Kantor, Marcia Muller, Mardi Oakley Medawar, Mark E. Scott, Mark (M.L.) Hoffman, Mark Warren, Martha C Lawrence, Martha Tolles, Martin Guinness, Martin Meyers, Matthew J. Flynn, Mary K. Johnson, Matt Braun, Matt Scott, Max McCoy, Melody Groves, Micah S Hackler, Micah T. Dank, Michael Zimmer, Nina Romano, Olga Bicos, Phil Elmore, P.M. Griffin, Paula Gunn Allen, R. Douglas Clark, Ralph Valentino, Randy Shamlian, Ray Garton, Rich Meyrick, Richard Hoyt, Richard Sapir, Robert Bausch, Robert J Conley, Robert Mayer, Robert J. Randisi, Robert Rayner, Robert Westbrook, Robert (R.G.) Yoho, Rod Miller, Rodman Philbrick, Roger Zelazny, Ronn Perea, Samantha Ahern, Sandra Worth, Scott E. Green, Sean Ellis, Seymour Blicker, Sharon Ahern, Stephen Steele, Steve Maricic, Steve Rasnic Tem, Sue Henry, Susan Koefod, Susan Rogers Cooper, Susan Sundwall, Suzanne Barr, Tabitha Baumander, Tadeusz R. Sas, Thom Reese, Tim Bryant, Tina Murray, Trae Q.L. Venerable, Valerie Anand, Virginia G. McMorrow, Warren Murphy, Wayne D. Overholser, and more! Check out all of our authors here →

Author Spotlight

Robert Westbrook

Robert Westbrook is the author of two critically-acclaimed mystery series, including Ancient Enemy,nominated for a Shamus Award as the Best P.I. Novel of 2002, and Intimate Lies, a memoir detailing the relationship between his mother, Hollywood columnist Sheilah Graham and the author F. Scott Fitzgerald, published by HarperCollins in 1995. His first novel, The Magic Garden of Stanley Sweetheart, was made into an MGM movie. Robert lives with his wife, Gail, in northern New Mexico.
Visit his website: www.robertwestbrook.com
Visit his page on Wikipedia: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Robert_Westbrook
"The battle of wits and nerves that unfolds in this expertly paced novel as Nicky struggles to snare the serial killer, keep his job, and juggle an increasingly complex love life make for compelling reading . . . In Nicky Rachmaninoff [Robert Westbrook has] created one of the most engaging new detective heroes since Joseph Wambaugh got philosophical. About the only thing that cushions the disappointment of coming to the end of this page-turner is the knowledge that there's a sequel in the works." —Wall Street Journal – The Left-Handed Policeman

Hungry Ghost

On a cold November night, Howard Moon Deer is walking home through the woods when he is accosted by a ghost from his past: Nick Stanton, his long-ago roommate at college, who makes a seemingly simple request for Howie to take a message to his sister, Grace.
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An Overnight Sensation

"A brilliant, engaging and wholly unpredictable story of courage, survival and self-reinvention... I was completely taken by it... Interesting, complicated and wholly engaging characters. [Westbrook] is obviously a born storyteller and a bit of a magician." —Ally Sheedy

TORCH SINGER is an epic drama of Hollywood in its Golden Age: the rise and fall of Sonya Saint-Amant, a singer who schemes her way to fame and riches, breaking all the rules.
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Lady Left

Can Hollywood's rich and famous find hap­piness in the Third World—or will they find only murder? That's the question that blues-playing police lieutenant Nicky Rachmaninoff must answer in Robert Westbrook's third book in The Left-Handed Policeman series, Lady.
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Nostalgia Kills

What if the greatest American rock star of the sixties, drowned in his bathtub seventeen years ago, did not accidentally die of a drug overdose but was murdered? Now, a new murder in Beverly Hills leaves blues-playing police lieutenant Nicky Rachmaninoff haunted by what really happened. The provocative and murderously profitable world of California rock is the setting for Nostalgia Kills by Robert Westbrook, author of The Left-Handed Policeman.
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Recent Releases


Bird Dog by Kevin D. Randle

PUT THE DOG ON CHARLIE. They were point men of the air war, and wherever they went the hammer of death came down… American firepower could deliver pure destruction in Charlie's lap, but someone had to find him. That's where the daredevil pilots of the single-engine Cessna 0-1 Bird Dog recon planes made their mark in Vietnam.
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Carrier War by Kevin D. Randle

Navy lieutenants David Kincaid and Douglas Bakker honed their flying skills over the Nevada desert. Assigned to a carrier on the South China Sea, they soared through South Vietnam's skies, whetting their appetites for the real thing: a dogfight in the North. But on their first ride over the DMZ the two hotshot flyers found out that an undertrained, underfed North Vietnamese pilot can kill like a top gun in the cockpit of a MiG.
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Target! by Kevin D. Randle

Zeroing in on the enemy—through the deadly scope of a sniper’s rifle! When an ominous traffic change on the Ho Chi Minh Trail signals a bloody repeat of the Tet offensive, the SEALS are assigned a secret mission across the Vietnamese border... and into the jungles of Laos.
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Dragonfire by Bill Pronzini

Nameless has lost his detective’s license and will soon be out of money. His friend, police lieutenant Eberhardt has lost his wife to another man. The two of them are consoling one another when Eberhardt answers his door. Gunshots follow, and both Eberhardt and Nameless are seriously wounded.
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SV Original Publications

Roxy Doyle and The Traveling Circus Show

Roxy receives a message from Robert Pinkerton who says her father has been spotted near Blackhawk, Colorado. Roxy goes there, arriving broke and discovers there’s a circus in town sponsoring a sharpshooting contest, with a first prize of $500. If she could win, the money would fund her search for her father for months.
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The Dracula Journals: Ravaged Souls

Dracula kept a journal. A firsthand account of his life, death, and resurrection as a creature of the night. But this journal is more than just words. It carries the very essence of the vampire himself. And through the mysterious power of the journal, Dracula still lives.
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America Undead

1462 A.D., Transylvania: Cursed by Vlad the Impaler to survive unspeakable agony until death overcomes him, he is doomed to awaken to suffer again and again. Madness will do nothing to ease his torment. Only one thing can quench his thirst...
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Demons and Monsters

"There are real demons and real monsters in the world. Human demons and monsters far worse than anything your imagination can create... When evil walks the earth, no one is safe. I stood with John Thomas Rourke when the end of our world... all we knew... the end of all of our dreams came.

"I was 'Everyman', nothing special. These are the stories, the tests; tests to find out what kind of man would I become? What would you have done? Would you have survived?" - Paul Rubenstein.
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Print Books

DeWitt's Strike by Greg Hunt

Ridge Parkman rode into DeWitt's Strike to do a job—get the little mining town's gold to the railhead at Adobe City. When he found out there were almost as many robbers as rocks along the trail to Adobe, he knew the job was going to be tough. But then marauders made the mistake of killing his friends and stealing his horse and it wasn't a job anymore.
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A Chance to Say Yes by Tina Murray

Finally, after years of struggle, Heston Demming is at the peak of his acting career—a Hollywood heartthrob, his handsome face on every tabloid. When he comes home to Naples, Florida, his opulent lifestyle is a declaration of victory over the poverty and hardship of his youth. But his triumphant return is a sham, a lie he's told himself to keep from facing the truth.
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Surviving the Lion's Den by Matt Scott

Trusted CIA operative Tom Delang is kidnapped in Dammam by Iranian operatives following a meeting with the Saudi ambassador to the United States and is tortured for coveted information.
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Cerro Grande by Micah S. Hackler

A controlled burn by the US Park Service becomes an uncontrolled inferno. The Los Alamos National Laboratory, Santa Clara Pueblo, and the lives of thousands of people are threatened. Creatures of the forest escape any way they can.
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Six Deadly Guns by J.R. Roberts

Six gunmen have been wreaking havoc in the West, killing men, women and children throughout Texas and New Mexico. The Governors of both states, unable to catch these men with their own lawmen, Pinkertons, and Texas Rangers, decide to hire the one man they think can do the job
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Ride to Vengeance by Greg Hunt

Ben Halpern figured on being a Mississippi hill farmer before the war came and killed his pa, dragging Ben away from home. Unjustly imprisoned, Ben was tough enough to survive, smart enough to escape the profiteering Confederate commander who had trampled on his life and taken his dream.
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Death and the Walking Stick by Linda Berry

The victim was dubbed an unpleasant old turkey buzzard and, truthfully, few mourned the passing of elderly Althea Boatright. After all, the cantankerous old biddy had recently run down a pedestrian with her car, due to poor eyesight and her little dog tangled at her feet. Ogeechee, Georgia, police officer Trudy Roundtree had the dubious honor of confiscating Althea's driver's license—and, sadly, regarding her lifeless body beside her bathtub. An accident, obviously.
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Triple Play by James D. Crownover

Baseball came west with the pioneers and settlers. Every town and a lot of ranches had a team. The game has a part in this story and one man’s fascination with the triple play has a larger part. Young Tucker beavers plays ball and grows up on the Mountain Beavers Ranch with his best friends Rance Brown and Lucinda Nealy. When he is fifteen his father gives him a herd of wild cows and his career as a rancher begins.
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