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Author Spotlight

Bartle Bull

Bartle Bull was born in London and educated at Harvard University and Magdalen College, Oxford. A student of Africa for over thirty years, he is a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society and a member of the Explorers Club. A former publisher of The Village Voice, Bull wrote an environmental column for the Voice and later for the Natural Resources Defense Council. He is the author of the widely praised novels, The White Rhino HotelA Café on the NileThe Devil’s OasisShanghai Station, China Star and We’ll Meet Again.

"Compared with Hemingway or Ruark ... Bull's knowledge of East Africa is profound." —Washington Post Book World

The White Rhino Hotel

"A wing-ding adventure story that I sat down to read on a Saturday night and finished on Sunday morning.... Everything comes together with a satisfying bang."—Boston Globe

The White Rhino Hotel is a sweeping saga of love and revenge, of greed and loyalty, of pio­neers struggling for a new life amidst the beauty and wildness of the African bush in the years immediately after World War I.
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A Café on the Nile

“You finish this book almost out of breath . . . appreciative of Mr. Bull’s spirited, sensuous, hot-blooded evocation of a rich and eventful historical world.” —Richard Bernstein, The New York Times

A grand historical novel of romance and high adventure that roils in cosmopolitan Cairo and sprawls across the highlands of East Africa.
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The Devil's Oasis

“Romantic and eventful . . . a satisfying dose of wartime action, private revenge, and seething passion.” —Richard Bernstein, The New York Times

All the treacherous intrigue of cosmopolitan Cairo and fiery drama of Rommel's desert war in Africa come vibrantly to life in this novel of historical adventure and romance.
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We'll Meet Again

Written with what the New York Times has called, “Mr. Bull’s spirited, sensuous, hotblooded evocation of a rich and eventful historical world,” Bartle Bull’s We’ll Meet Again is a powerful romantic novel set in Egypt and Jugoslavia during World War II.

After romantic and military adventures in Jugoslavia, Anton returns to Egypt, where he confronts his enemies and seeks to recover the lady he loves.
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Recent Releases

#1 Amazon Bestsellers and Award-Winning SV Original Publications

Filthy Rich Lawyers: The Education of Ryan Coleman by Brian Felgoise and David Tabatsky

2022 American Fiction Awards Finalist
Amazon #1 New Release in Litigation

Inspired by real-life class-action lawyers, The Education of Ryan Coleman begins in a Texas courtroom, where an ambitious attorney from Philadelphia chases his share of a lawsuit and gets his ass reamed by the judge.
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Lakota Cowboy by John Hafnor

2022 Will Rogers Medallion Awards Western Maverick Finalist

“Here, manifest destiny collides with native mysticism.”

Meet the last open range cowboy and the last nomadic Native American. Better yet, be present for their first handshake in the pages of Lakota Cowboy.
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Song of the Horseman by Mark Warren

2022 Georgia Author of the Year Award
Literary Fiction Finalist

"...Warren’s prose is magnificently rendered; the kind of writing that makes the reader put down their book for a moment and marvel."—Judge: Zoe Fishman
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Walking Rain by Robert Westbrook

Amazon #1 Bestseller in Native American Literature

WALKING RAIN is a tale of corruption, international crime, and the challenges of parenthood as Howie finds himself an unexpected father to a teenage girl.
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Print Books

We'll Meet Again by Bartle Bull

Written with what the New York Times has called, “Mr. Bull’s spirited, sensuous, hotblooded evocation of a rich and eventful historical world,” Bartle Bull’s We’ll Meet Again is a powerful romantic novel set in Egypt and Jugoslavia during World War II.
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The Trouble with Miracles by Stephen Steele

Desperate to get their hands on technology they can use to rule the world, the Chinese pursue Cyd, Alex, Sam and Nikki to Easter Island where the secrets of the past could save the future, or destroy it. Filled with page-turning suspense, The Trouble with Miracles is an adventure thriller about the magic and mystery of the Easter Island statues.
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Forget Me by Lisa Sherman

How can you know who you really are if you can’t remember your past?

Wanda Dellas is living someone else's life: that's the sense she's had since a mysterious accident robbed her of her long-term memory. Lost and barely scraping by, Wanda cleans offices at night in order to support her young daughter.
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Breaking Arrows by Luis Figueredo

An eight-year-old Indian child is dead. The innocent boy’s death is cruel, torturous, and most of all, needless. Jeremiah Tiger, the chief of the Kialegee Tribe, is now faced with the realization that he must fight for his impoverished tribe against the State of Oklahoma and the wealthy and influential Muscogee Nation.
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The Hades Project by Lynn Sholes & Joe Moore

From the Kremlin to the Vatican to an Ethiopian church housing the Ark of the Covenant, Cotten Stone races to find the Holy Lance. Time is running out as Cotten confronts the man who holds in his hand the destiny of the world, a man who died more than 85 years earlier.
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The Last Stand by Brien A. Roche

Defend they did. They beat back the white mob. They used their marksmanship skills not to kill but to wound and deter.
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Dead Scared by Ivan Blake

Winner of Eric Hoffer and Readers' Favorite Awards

Who knew the dead have more to fear from the living than the living have to fear from the dead? Certainly not seventeen-year-old Chris Chandler, not before his family moved to Bemishstock, Maine in the autumn of 1985.
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Montana Revenge by Dusty Richards

With nothing to go on but a dead body, a mis­spelled note, and a wounded horse, Herschel re­fuses to look the other way. Someone's going to pay for this dirty deed. Someone found guilty by the right and proper letter of the law...
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Nine Princes in Amber by Roger Zelazny

Amber burns in Corwin's blood. Exiled on Shadow Earth for centuries, the prince is about to return to Amber to make a mad and desperate rush upon the throne. From Arden to the Pattern deep in Castle Amber which defines the very structure of Reality, Corwin must contend with the powers of his eight immortal brothers, all Princes of Amber. His savage path is blocked and guarded by eerie structures beyond imagining — impossible realities forged by demonic assassins and staggering Forces that challenge the might of Corwin's superhuman fury.
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A Night in the Lonesome October by Roger Zelazny

Zelazny manages to cleverly combine Jack (the Ripper), Sherlock Holmes, Dr. Frankenstein, and Dracula together with witches, werewolves, druids and many others in this amusing tale of an approaching confrontation that, on the Halloween of a full-moon, will change the cosmic balance of power between good and evil. Told through the eyes of Snuff, Jack's guard dog, who performs magical calculations in addition to accompanying his master on “collecting” expeditions into 19th century London.
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The Snatch by Bill Pronzini

In his first chronicled adventure, the Nameless detective hires on to handle the ransom payoff in a kidnapping case. Financier Louis Martinetti doesn't trust the police to deal with the man who snatched his 9-year-old son from his military prep school, nor is it clear that he trusts the members of his own household. On the appointed evening, Nameless takes a briefcase that contains $300,000 in cash to a secluded location chosen by the kidnapper. Then all hell breaks loose.
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Target! by Kevin D. Randle

Zeroing in on the enemy—through the deadly scope of a sniper’s rifle!

When an ominous traffic change on the Ho Chi Minh Trail signals a bloody repeat of the Tet offensive, the SEALS are assigned a secret mission across the Vietnamese border... and into the jungles of Laos. Struggling through this Cong-infested inferno could put them on the endangered species list. But infiltrating the hidden enemy stronghold and terminating its leadership—might make them extinct.
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