Em Templin

Em Templin

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Em Templin lives in a small town, cradled in the North Carolina mountains, with her husband and son; her career spans working with vulnerable populations, from children to seniors. A Guilford College alumnus, where she obtained a degree in legal studies.  She loves to hike and spend as much time at a beach as possible and is in pursuit of dreaming like a child again. Writing and studying people has always been an obsession; she wrote about anything and everything. That was until empty nester syndrome set in when she decided to take her stories seriously while envisioning the what-ifs of how the world should be. Collecting case studies and armed with a deep understanding of the people around her, she decided to wind stories the average human chooses to ignore and twist a tale into a world she wishes existed. So, Em invites you into worlds of flawed characters who make large impacts.


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