Tadeusz R. Sas

Tadeusz R. Sas

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The author of this based-on-real-life novel, Tadeusz R. Sas, was born in the United Kingdom to Polish parents in 1941 and participated in many of the events that are described in this book.

The owner of a company that traded extensively in Eastern Europe, in the days when it was not fashionable to do so, he travelled widely to all the countries comprising “The Soviet Bloc”. His business activities brought him into contact with senior government officials in the military and security services as well as politicians and businessmen not only in the United Kingdom but in many of the Eastern European Countries.

Having completed two terms as an elected member of Westminster City Council, Mr. Sas also served for many years as a Magistrate at Marylebone Magistrates Court in London. He also lectured in public speaking for the conservative party.

Relocating to the USA in 1988, he opened a new defense equipment company where he is President and a supplier of sophisticated security equipment to the U.S Federal Government and exports widely.


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