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Art Twain

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Art Twain, childhood friend of Larry Belling, has written and produced over 3,000 radio and TV spots. He is a copywriter, author, musician, music composer and arranger. His award-winning voice work has been heard by tens of millions. Art took the Gap from one store to five hundred stores with his creative and marketing skills. He’s won Clios, Emmy, International Broadcast awards and much more. He plays several instruments, which has helped him in the creation of his jingles and music tracks. He has written and produced musicals and performed humor on stage. He also wrote and produced a five-minute-a-day humorous radio series aimed at school-age kids. Art and Larry were together in a popular comedy music trio at UC Berkeley.

Art has successfully worked with and advertised to kids of the target age of this book. He worked with the kids of Montera Middle School on a national Nike-sponsored ad campaign aimed at convincing kids to stay in school. They competed against a multitude of middle schools and high schools across America. His kids won!

His Levi’s Kidswear TV spot, aimed at middle school-aged kids, received the highest score ever given in scoring history up to that date. As a teen, Art had 26 assorted animals in his home zoo, including 3 skunks, 2 alligators, lizards, snakes, turtles, tortoises, rodents, a ‘possum, and even a hand-sized tarantula. He’s pampered Siski, the mountain lion and Lorita, a 64-year-old Amazon Green parrot. He says he’s had conversations with all of them. Art loves to play and watch basketball.


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