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Thom Reese is the author of the novels, THE INFUSION OF ARCHIE LAMBERT, A SAVAGE DISTANCE, THE DRACULA JOURNALS Trilogy, THE DEMON BAQASH, DEAD MAN’S FIRE, DEAD MAN’S FIRE, CHASING KELVIN, and THE EMPTY, along with the short story collection, 13 BODIES: SEVEN TALES OF MURDER & MADNESS. Thom was the sole writer and co-producer of the weekly audio drama radio program, 21ST CENTURY AUDIO THEATRE. Several of Thom’s audio dramas have been published on CD and MP3 formats. A native of the Chicago area, Thom currently makes his home with his wife in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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Praise for Thom Reese

The characters in this story are wonderfully flawed allowing for a sense of modern day realism blended with classic horror and a hearty dose of the fantastic.

Chantal Boudreau, Amazon 5-Star Review (The Demon Baqash)

The Demon Baqash is a great read!! It gives a whole new perspective to horror. It’s action packed but yet has depth!! It very creative!! Good suspense!!!

Samanthakr, Amazon 5-Star Review (The Demon Baqash)

Thom Reese is superb at his craft when creating memorable villains and he lives up to this reputation again with The Demon Baqash. I’m recommending it to all my friends.

CSP Barnes, Amazon 5-Star Review (The Demon Baqash)

Edge of your seat, thrilling, creepy, and poetic. Great interweave of religion, history, the human psyche, and a fast-moving story. Three cheers and five stars!

Ricardo A, Amazon 5-Star Review (The Demon Baqash)

I absolutely love the way the narrative weaves the story in the present day in conjunction with excerpts of writing from the journals of Baqash and other demons.

K. L. Wilson, Amazon 5-Star Review (The Demon Baqash)

I had no idea that this book would grab me the way it did and suck me in. The Demon was wicked and yet pitiful. The characters were devilishly divine and the plot thickened… Yes I said that!!! The book made me want to know more about the characters, It was the kind of book that when you finish you scream… NOOOO because it’s over. And yet all your questions were answered. I’m looking forward to reading more of Thom Reese’s books. I have to read more. He writes so well that you are compelled to follow his career. At least I am!!! Sorry no spoilers here!!!

Arylen Jones, Amazon 5-Star Review (The Demon Baqash)

This book is thrilling, scary and even darn right shocking at times.

Customer, Amazon 5-Star Review (Chasing Kelvin)

Chasing Kelvin is a top notch fast-paced read that fires on all cylinders. Swift narrative, great characters, white-knuckle suspense and outrageous villains!

Jeff Granstrom, Amazon 5-Star Review (Chasing Kelvin)

Get ready for some intense adventure and action with two characters right out of today’s movie and TV adventure series. Lots of action, lots of humorous dialogue, and adventure in the South American jungles.

Davereadsalot, Amazon 5-Star Review (Dead Man’s Fire)

Short stories at their finest. They run the gambit from flat-out terrifying to rollicking black humor. Each character is unique in their own personal madness (aren’t we all?) and their stories are engrossing. Several of the stories gave me the feeling of reading a great episode of the Twilight Zone (but with better special effects). Two disembodied thumbs up!

A. D., Amazon 5-Star Review (13 Bodies)

Recovery specialists Marc and Dana Huntington make their living recovering missing persons, stolen items, and rare treasures—but when they’re suddenly thrust into the heart of a paleontological expedition deep within the Amazon Rainforest, they soon realize that they’re in for an adventure the likes of which they’ve never before experienced. As the chaos and intrigue of their mission begin to spiral out of control, Marc and Dana conduct a frantic search for a mythical fossilized skull—the legendary secrets of which will grant its owner a formidable power untold. Can the intrepid explorers get to the heart of the mystery before countless innocent lives are lost…?

Taut, fast-paced, and action-packed, Dead Man’s Fire is a standout thriller. With more than its fair share of suspense, intrigue, and mystery, author Thom Reese’s compelling new offering is sure to keep readers on their toes with the turn of each fresh page. Combining impressive storytelling with unique, unforgettable characters, Dead Man’s Fire is equally engaging and entertaining—with a surprise ending that few will see coming.

Recommended for die-hard fans of nonstop adventure.

Apex Reviews (Dead Man’s Fire)





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