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Nadine Haruni is the author of the Freeda the Frog™ children’s book series, which addresses various real-life “stuff” and celebrates the different types of family situations.  The books have all been leveled to align to National Educational Standards, have all received a Gold Mom’s Choice Award for excellence in the picture book category, and have all received a Reader’s Favorite 5-star Review.

Her first book, Freeda The Frog Gets A Divorce, is focused on helping to explain the difficult topic of divorce to children.  Nadine’s second book, Freeda The Frog And Her New Blue Frog Family, is the follow-up book geared towards helping kids understand a parent’s subsequent re-marriage, as well as blended families (of mixed race, religion or ethnicity).   The third book of the series, Freeda the Frog Is On the Move, focuses on the mixed feelings associated with moving to a new town or a new school, and any other major life changes. The fourth book of the series, Freeda the Frog Says Farewell to Her Fish, addresses loss of a pet or other loved one.  The latest release, Freeda The Frog and The Two Mommas Next Door, addresses gay families.  Future topics will include adoption, Special Needs’ kids, disabilities, a new baby sibling, and a primary parent returning to work. Nadine does book reading & signing events all over the tri-state area, in order to reach as many families as possible and achieve her mission of “helping families of all species, one tadpole at a time.”


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