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Bob Anderson

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Bob Anderson is the author of Sarge, What Now? and co-author on The Survivalist series (starting with Book #30) in collaboration with Jerry and Sharon Ahern. Bob is a fine writer and has published books such as TAC Leader: What Honor Requires, Anderson’s Rules and Grandfather Speaks. He is an expert on weaponry and military skills and is an accomplished public speaker. Bob retired as a Chief Master Sergeant from the United States Air Force Reserve with over 32 years of service.

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Praise for Bob Anderson

Why should you read this book? If you are an NCO, it will give you insight on how to advance. If you are a commander, buy one for all of your NCOs … then sit down and read it yourself.

Jerry M. Bullock, Colonel, USAF (Ret) (Sarge, What Now?)

An Air Force Chief Master Sergeant once told me, ‘When I ask you where you’re going, don’t tell me where you’ve been.’ Well, that may be true to keep the conversation short, but knowing how you got to this point, helps keep you from making the same bad decisions. Sarge, What Now? is a lifetime’s eclectic compilation of responsible choices the author has experienced and survived. While the dates and places change, military and civilian members will intimately identify with some of the very same situations. What better (and cheaper) way to hone your perspective and direction than learning what has worked for someone else. The military reader will readily identify with the real ‘skinny’ of military life and the civilian reader will find out what it really takes to serve this country. Ya gotta read this book!” (Sarge, What Now?)

Gordon Bredlow, SMSgt., USAF (Ret) (Sarge, What Now?)

If you’ve ever served in the military, you know the difference when you read a book that is authentic and not B.S. The Sarge is the real deal.

Cary Hall, former USAF Sgt, 483rd SPS, K-9, Cam Ranh Bay, Vietnam (Sarge, What Now?)

Sarge is a collection of proven methods in leadership lost in the politically correct America, I loved it.

Larry Payne, CMSgt, USAFR (Ret) (Sarge, What Now?)

Bob Anderson has captured a vibrant and different atmosphere with Sarge, What Now?. As a former Marine that served in combat during Viet Nam; he has told it how it is, how it was and how it should be. We need more books like this written about our military and their service.

Carl Milligan, former Viet Nam Combat Engineer (Sarge, What Now?)

Typical Tale by Bob Anderson, truthful, insightful and spot on. SARGE, WHAT NOW? is his recent tales of true events, people and situations that can be taken as lessons for life.

Frank Sullivan, General, USAF ANG (Ret) (Sarge, What Now?)

Sarge applies experiences from the military to common day living. It’s important to understand that common sense matters… Sarge proves it time and again.

Layne Wroblewski, Major, USAFR (Sarge, What Now?)

With all of the military books I have read it is great to have SARGE truly tell it like it Was.

Randall Hall, U.S. Army (Sarge, What Now?)

If you like the ‘how to’ of clandestine action, read this!

Jerry Ahern, Author, The Survivalist series (What Honor Requires)

Doc’s handpicked team—a good plan meets society’s worse, we win! Possible…

James Singleton, CMSgt, USAFR (What Honor Requires)

Your adrenaline will flow as you join forces in seeking revenge on evil with Doc and the Tac Team.

Michael F Stadelmaier, Former Member, Hostage Negotiation Team, USAF (What Honor Requires)




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