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C.C. Harrison

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C.C. Harrison (aka Christy Hubbard) is an award-winning author of mysteries and American West fiction. She knew she was going to be a writer when she got her first library card as a beginning reader. Since then her work has been honored both regionally and nationally for her short stories, articles, essays, and novels.

“I write books about ordinary women having extraordinary experiences. Women who find themselves facing adversity because of someone’s mistake, sometimes their own. If they hear thumping in the attic or a creepy noise in the basement, they don’t scream and run away. Instead they check it out. They may be afraid, but they do it anyway. That’s courage. This, of course, gets them in deeper trouble.”

Her first book, The Charmstone, is a mystery set on the Navajo Indian Reservation where she lived as a VISTA Volunteer. Tony Hillerman called it “An important book!”

Her recent book Death by G-String, a Coyote Canyon Ladies Ukulele Club mystery is the 2019 Colorado Humanities Book Award Mystery winner.

“I like writing books set in small towns, the kind of small towns people run away to or hide out in. Small town secrets and misbehavior are so much more intriguing. I know. I’ve lived in them.”

Harrison can be found in the desert, the mountains, or some far flung corner of the Southwest. She is currently living in the White Mountains.

Max wrote the novelization for Steven Spielberg’s epic miniseries, Into the West. His books have been published by Random House, Simon and Schuster, and Kensington. He teaches at Emporia State University.


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