J.L. Crafts

J.L. Crafts

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J.L. Crafts was raised on the outskirts of a very large city in Southern California. Thankfully, back in those days, the very distant outskirts of that city still included open spaces and small ranches. As a young boy, he worked wrangling horses on one of those ranches learning to rope, ride, and train one of the most magnificent animals our planet has to offer. Those early years created a lifelong connection with not only horses but with the West of the 1800’s. College led to law school followed by over thirty years of trying cases to juries up and down the state of California. Speaking to juries in a simple directness, he did what he could to elicit facts and arguments wherever possible through stories of life in the saddle and open spaces. He now spends his days creating those stories on the page and enjoys every minute of it.


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