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Bill Clem, RN, is the author of the forthcoming The Hospital (2010), Replica, Immortal, Medicine Cup, Microbe, Bliss, Diencephalon, They All Fall Down, Presidential Donor, Skin Deep, and A Brief Interval. He has spent the last twenty-five years working at hospitals in Delaware and Maryland.

My writing career…

I wrote my first novel in 1996 while working in a hospital in Easton, Maryland. It was called Presidential Donor. I was reading a lot at the time and finding that many of the books left me disappointed. So I decided I was going to try to write something that I liked. I was working weekends at the time and spending the night at the hospital, so between shifts I had time to write. As my ideas began to take shape, I found myself writing little snippets of scenes and bits of dialog between taking care of patients. In fact, the first few chapters of Presidential Donor were written in that hospital on the back of my nurses’ notes. Two years later, I completed the first draft. After I realized it was awful, I immersed myself in every book I could find on writing and publishing. I also began writing my second novel, Skin Deep. Armed with my new knowledge, I rewrote Presidential Donor and sent it to a dozen agents who all sent back rejection letters. Determined not to give up, I finished Skin Deep while simultaneously working on improving Presidential Donor. I sent out Skin Deep to thirty publishers and received twenty-nine rejection letters. But on number thirty, someone finally said yes. Skin Deep was published in 2006 and shortly thereafter, Presidential Donor followed. Soon, my third book was finished and in print. Now, four years later, I’m about to release my eleventh novel and have several more planned for 2010. Besides writing, I’m still a practicing RN and am busy raising two teenage daughters with my wife, Susan.


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