Greg Thomas

Greg Thomas began his career in Voice acting and narration at an early age. From musical and theatrical performances in the famous Childrens Theater of Charlotte to later collegiate acting troupes and improvisational groups—a skilled and versatile talent was crafted.

Gerald Hausman

Gray Gleason has more than 30 years of voice work and voice acting, directing and producing experience. “And now for something completely different…” Unusually engaging, warm and friendly, authoritative, yet conversational, Gray sounds like your friend, your neighbor—your doctor or maybe that Counselor at your old high school.

Doug Hamilton

Doug Hamilton has a very wide range. Does ‘right on’ impressions and characters, while being an excellent announcer, too. Doug has done national voice-over and on-camera commercials, has literally thousands of credits of all kinds. In over 30 years of performing, Doug has done voice and on-camera work for commercials, corporate and industrial training.

David Kaplan

Dave records the intros and exits for our CD Audiobooks and MP3 Audiobook Downloads.
Voice Actor, Copy Writer, Studio Engineer, Creative Director, Agency, Voiceover Coach

Bob Barnes

Bob records the intros and exits for our CD Audiobooks and MP3 Audiobook Downloads. In the Top 50 All Time Favorite Voices! Smooth, mature baritone but capable of everything from serious religious and political reads to zany characters and cartoons. As an audio producer, Bob Barnes reads with your post work in mind.

Barry Campbell

Barry Campbell began life as a nuclear engineer officer in the US Navy submarine force. He developed his voice-over skills briefing Admirals and Congressmen. Barry studied voice acting with several accomplished voice acting coaches in the southern California area and is now a seasoned audio book narrator and producer.

Barry Greene

Barry Greene, a native of St. John’s, Newfoundland, was trained as a classical actor in England and Canada, and over the past 35 years has appeared in many classical and contemporary plays, as well as television and feature film productions between Canada and the United States.

Amy Church

Amy Church has been an Actor for over 25 years. Living near the Atlantic Ocean in Wilmington, NC with her family… Amy enjoys auditioning on a regular basis for television, movies and commercials. Her credits include many Theater productions over the years like.

Roger Zelazny

Roger Zelazny – HUGO and NEBULA AWARD-WINNING author Roger burst onto the SF scene in the early 1960s with a series of dazzling and groundbreaking short stories. He won his first of six Hugo Awards for Lord of Light, and soon after produced the first book of his enormously popular Amber series, Nine Princes in Amber. In addition to his Hugos.

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