Just Inked! The Hat Diaries by Nadine Haruni

The Hat Diaries is a fantasy and coming-of-age novel for middle-grade readers written in the form of a diary, chronicling the mysterious Adventures of Ryan Rigbee.

Ryan is a 13-year-old loner living with his mom, and is still reeling from the loss of his dad.  Ryan’s life begins to take an unexpected turn when he meets Merlo, the old caretaker at the hat factory where his mom works. Merlo becomes a trusted mentor to Ryan, helping him to believe in himself every step of the way.  By developing this newfound courage, Ryan feels more confident in handling some bullies, and might even ask out his school crush named Violet!

But Ryan’s life gets magically transformed the very first night he falls asleep with one of the factory’s hats on his head.  He soon finds himself at the center of all sorts of adrenaline-rushing nightly “Adventures” along with his dog Shadow, where he discovers how to think on his feet after suddenly being thrust into various roles. Through Merlo’s guidance, Ryan discovers how to open up his imagination enough to explore the magic hidden in the factory. Ryan encounters many coincidences and clues during the course of these Adventures, as the lines between reality and fantasy grow increasingly more blurred. Eventually, the distinction between Ryan’s everyday waking life and his exciting nightly world of Adventures becomes impossible to discern.

The Hat Diaries is the first book in The Hat Diaries trilogy. Coming Summer 2023!

Stay tuned for the release dates for the rest of the series.



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