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Walking Rain (A Howard Moon Deer Mystery Book 8) by Robert Westbrook  

Driving home from Utah, Howard Moon Deer is passing through an empty stretch of New Mexico desert when a young Chinese woman staggers onto the highway, seemingly out of nowhere, and collapses before his onrushing car. Howie screeches to a stop but she dies before he is able to get help.

Who was this woman and where did she come from? When Jack Wilder and Howie are hired by a non-profit organization, Washington Women Against Trafficking, they are soon embroiled in the most dangerous case of their career: what appears to be an illegal cannabis operation on Indian land, financed by Hong Kong money, that in fact is hiding something much more sinister.

To complicate matters, Howie is making preparations for the visit of his 17 year-old daughter, Georgina, whose existence he only recently discovered. Georgie grew up in Scotland and it’s a good thing she’s an adventurous girl because she’s about to get a real taste of the Wild West.

WALKING RAIN is a tale of corruption, international crime, and the challenges of parenthood as Howie finds himself an unexpected father to a teenage girl.

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