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Ed Gorman (Daniel Ransom)

Ed Gorman  (Daniel Ransom) – SHAMUS, ANTHONY & ELLERY QUEEN AWARD-WINNING author
Ed has worked in politics as both a speechwriter and a TV producer. He has won the Shamus, Anthony, Ellery Queen, Spur, and International Fiction Awards. He has been nominated twice for an Edgar and once for the Silver Dagger. His other work includes the Sam McCain series and the Jack Sawyer series. A feature film based on his novel The Poker Club is forthcoming.

Ed also writes under the pen name Daniel Ransom.

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John Lutz

John Lutz’s work includes political suspense, private eye novels, urban suspense, humor, occult, crime caper, police procedural, espionage, historical, futuristic, amateur detective, thriller; virtually every mystery sub-genre.

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Bob Anderson

Bob Anderson is the author of Sarge, What Now? and co-author on The Survivalist series (starting with Book #30) in collaboration with Jerry and Sharon Ahern. Bob is a fine writer and has published books such as TAC Leader: What Honor Requires, Anderson’s Rules and Grandfather Speaks. He is an expert on weaponry and military skills and is an accomplished public speaker. Bob retired as a Chief Master Sergeant from the United States Air Force Reserve with over 32 years of service.

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John McKinna

Before his untimely death in 2016 John McKinna was an Underwater Technical Supervisor and Operations Manager, responsible for overseeing upkeep of the main structure and support systems of the Key Largo Undersea Park home of Jules’ Undersea Lodge. A former offshore commercial diver of twenty years’ experience, he came on the Jules’/KLUP team as an adjunct to his primary line of work, that of internationally-known novelist and local musician. Like his wife Teresa, he was an avid free-diver, spearfisherman, lobster hunter, and cruising sailor. RIP John McKinna.

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Dusty Richards

Dusty Richards is the author of more than fifty Western novels written under both his own name and pseudonyms. He spent his youth in Arizona and has worked as a rancher, auctioneer, rodeo announcer, and TV anchor. Since retiring, he and his wife Pat have done extensive research on the Old West, accumulating a vast library of historical books, diaries, and papers.

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Jory Sherman (Cort Martin)

Jory Sherman (Cort Martin) began his literary career as a poet in San Francisco’s famed North Beach in the late 1950s, during the heyday of the Beat Generation. His poetry and short stories were widely published in literary journals when he began writing commercial fiction. He has won numerous awards for his poetry and prose and was nominated for a Pulitzer Prize in Letters for his novel, Grass Kingdom. He won a Spur Award from Western Writers of America for The Medicine Horn. He has also won a number of awards from the Missouri Writers Guild, and other organizations.

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