Coming soon! Bewitched, Bothered and Dead

The Rat Pack is Back! Bewitched, Bothered and Dead by Robert J. Randisi, book 13 in the Rat Pack Mysteries.

Things are changing in Las Vegas at the end of 1966 as the mob is moving out and Howard Hughes is moving in. Having purchased the Sands and blackballing Frank Sinatra, Hughes is looking to buy more properties, and virtually take over Vegas.

Jack Entratter enlists Eddie G.’s aide to try and keep Hughes from succeeding. Working with Frank and Dino, Eddie tries to appeal to the casino owners not to sell out to Hughes. At the same time, Danny Thomas has come to town, asking Eddie to help him recover money that was stolen from St. Jude Hospital.

When murder rears its ugly head and Eddie is attacked, Eddie brings in his Brooklyn buddy, Jerry, who can hopefully keep either one of them from getting killed. The question is, was Eddie attacked because he was opposing Howard Hughes, or because he’s trying to find St. Jude’s money?

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