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Caleb Pirtle III

BRANKA CUBRILO WRITES about the mysteries of life, and few can write as well. Her stories are captivating. Her writing style is lyrical, mystical and exquisite.

Her newest novel, Fiume – the Lost River, is like walking through a dream, and suddenly it becomes a nightmare.

Branka’s language is pure poetry, and it’s evident as soon as you begin the story. She writes:

And then I spotted somebody who was silent but resembled a person who had already said much, more than all the rest of them. I don’t know his name, and I never did find out, but somehow he simply happened to be there. And that gave the whole affair a kind of meaning and mystery. I loved enigmas, especially the ones it is nigh impossible to solve. That’s why the stranger seemed more interesting to me than the whole group of well fed, and you could see it in their eyes, lifeless people. Once again I asked myself what I was doing here, and I read the same question in his eyes.

Was it a chance meeting?

Had it been ordained by time, fate, and circumstance?

Could her past be forgotten?

Could her past even be forgiven?

Beatrice Szabo is haunted by her memories.

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