Filthy Rich Lawyers is the first story—fiction or otherwise—told by an insider who reveals how our system of class action lawsuits enables a select group of lawyers to get filthy rich. How they use their fantastic wealth will shock, amuse, and entertain readers of all kinds.

Advanced Praise:

Most people have the impression that lawyers make out pretty well when it comes to litigating corporate crime, and they’re right. But they have little to no idea how the sausage is really made, and how the legal system can be manipulated to shield corporate criminals from any damages. In his new novel, Felgoise pulls back the curtain on this type of corruption—a much needed work!

—Marla A. Joseph, Esq.
Law Offices of Marla Joseph, LLC

I have known and worked closely with Brian Felgoise for more than 20 years. I was excited to learn about Filthy Rich Lawyers because I am confident that his take on this world will become a must-read for anyone wanting to be entertained while learning about class actions.

—William B. Federman, Esq.
Federman & Sherwood
Founding & Managing Partner



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