Congratulations to Barbara Casey! Winner of the 2022 Book Excellence Award

Barbara Casey Winner of the 2022 Book Excellence Award – Best Adult Novel – The House of Kane

Enter the World of bestselling publishing, filled with intrigue, power, betrayal, ambition and greed. Yet for Aislinn Marchánt, it represents the attainment of a life’s dream, a point of destiny, and mystery as she is caught up in a storm that is the House of Kane.

“Simultaneously wise and poignant, exotic and suspenseful, The House of Kane is a fascinating story of loyalty, treachery and the power of destiny. With an insider’s view into the world of high stakes publishing, Barbara Casey weaves a masterful story that haunts the reader long after the final page”. —Nancy Steinbeck Author of The Other Side of Eden: Life with John Steinbeck

“Barbara Casey’s The House of Kane is a touchingly tender love story set in an intrigue-riddled publishing industry. Her characters are interesting and varied. Her story is refreshing and engagingly told. Aspiring writers will want to read The House of Kane to tap her wisdom about getting into print.” —John DeDakis CNN Senior Copy Editor/Author of The Lark Chadwick Mysteries

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