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Jerry Kennealy

Jerry Kennealy

Jerry Kennealy has worked as a police officer, as well as a licensed private investigator, adding great authenticity to his novels. Besides the Polo mysteries, two of which have been nominated for Shamus Awards, he's written several non-series thrillers lately. He's a member of the Mystery Writers of America and the Private Eye Writers of America.


Praise for Jerry Kennealy

Kennealy infuses even high-stakes moments with a sense of light-hearted fun, and the plot is trickier to puzzle out than one might expect.

Publishers Weekly on Jigsaw

It's fun to see Carroll squeezed between two cops who like him for two different crimes, and there's lots of trivia for Hitchcock buffs.

Kirkus Reviews on Jigsaw

As always, Kennealy delivers hard-boiled excitement nicely dressed with humor and style.

Booklist on All That Glitters

Kennealy keeps a firm grip on his readers with a smart pace and a light, intelligent tone that's never cute. We're also treated to intriguing lore about investigating procedures in the electronic age, scenic and historic bits, and a lively background romance.

Publishers Weekly on Beggar's Choice

I can't wait 'til Kennealy's next novel hits the bookstores.

San Francisco Examiner

A winner full of gritty policework and international intrigue. Kennealy makes San Francisco one of his main characters. His other characters ring true partly because of the realistic dialogue.

San Francisco Examiner (The Conductor)

Enjoyable... action-filled.

Publishers Weekly (The Conductor)

Kennealy's characters, combined with his seasoned ability to weave several plot elements into a smooth whole... stand out in the thriller genre.

Publishers Weekly (The Suspect)

A crime thriller that has prize winner written all over it. Enthralling.

Harriet Klausner (The Suspect)


San Francisco Examiner (The Other Eye)


Publishers Weekly (The Other Eye)

Enough insider, cop jargon to satisfy any procedural fan.

San Francisco Sunday Chronicle Examiner (The Other Eye)

...Kennealy's hands-on knowledge of an investigator's techniques adds verisimilitude and interest.

Publishers Weekly (Polo's Wild Card)

Polo's at his most raffishly amusing throughout... Highly recommended for people who read mysteries for the detective's company...

Kirkus Reviews (Polo's Wild Card)

Damn few pauses for breath.

Booklist (Polo's Wild Card)

Kennealy has a knack for weaving local scandal with San Francisco topography.... Add to this the latest methods in picking locks, buying burglar gloves, computer hacking (private-eye style) and use of criminal indexes... and we get quite a bit for our money from ex-con and ex-cop Polo.

San Francisco Chronicle (Polo's Wild Card)

Diverting caper featuring P.I. Nick Polo... Kennealy, a P.I. himself, weaves a series of twists and turns that reveal a sure-handed knowledge of detective work.

Publishers Weekly (Polo in the Rough)

Kennealy's finely crafted stories always hold my interest. Never a wasted word.

San Francisco Examiner (Polo in the Rough)



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