Mary K. Johnson

Mary K. Johnson

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Mary K. Johnson was born in Oxford, Mississippi, but during first grade, after her parents moved the family to Memphis, Tennessee where she grew up. She is the youngest of eight siblings and describes a great life growing up as a tomboy, playing baseball and climbing to the tops of trees to look down on everyone. After school in the evenings, she would do homework while watching TV. Though shy as Mary was for many years, one year in Junior High, she did find the nerve to perform in a Spelling Bee, but didn’t win, but enjoyed just the thought of having been there.

To this day, Mary still loves to play with words. Another year in Junior High she had written a poem, let one of her teachers read it. The teacher never gave it back to her. She placed Mary’s poem on the wall at the door, so whenever you left class there it was, right there for everyone to read.

Five months after graduating from High School, Mary became a soldier in the US Army, training to become a Teletypewriter repairer. Mary has been married for four years and has one daughter, and is doing the kind of work that best suits her. Her primary career is home healthcare and she takes great pride in caring for and nurturing those who need it most. It’s a part of her nature to help and to do for others.


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