Larry Belling

Larry Belling

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Larry Belling’s creative history includes playwright and former writer/producer of Clio award-winning advertising campaigns for clients including American Express, Greenpeace (Save the Whales) and The African Wildlife Foundation (Save the Elephants). His first play, a dark comedy called “Stroke of Luck,” was a success at the Park Theatre in London, which has optioned three of his one-act plays for next season under the title “For Art’s Sake.”

Larry has also had several other careers including being Editor-in-Chief of internal communications for Europe’s largest computer consultancy, manager of recording artists and record producers, including those of the Rolling Stones and Pink Floyd, and a narrator of commercials and documentary films of the Discovery Channel, the BBC, PBS and National Geographic plus a few audio books.

His most recent play—Love in the Time of Hacking—is about computer hackers, identity thieves, and romance.


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